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The library consists of nine libraries around Stockholm with the main library situated on the Frescati Campus.


SUB Organisationen EN 300PxThe main direction for the library is decided by the Library Board which consists of faculty representatives, union organisations and students as well as library staff and external representatives.

The University Library is headed by the chief librarian, the administrative staff and the board of management.

Library Management

  • Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director
  • Sabina Anderberg, Head of media acquisition
  • Philippa Andreasson, Head of customer service
  • Leif Friberg, Head of collections
  • Birgitta Hellmark Lindgren, Head of communications
  • Birgitta Löfgren, Head of administration
  • Henrik Miettinen, Head of IT
  • Thomas Neidenmark, Head of quality
  • Anders Söderbäck, Head of publishing

Library Board

The library board has the overall responsibility and is in charge of operations. The board decides the targets, focus, extent, service level and organisation.

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Postal address:
Stockholms universitetsbibliotek
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Universitetsvägen 14 D



Contact the library


Telephone Main Library:
08-16 28 00


Telephone hours:

Monday-Friday 9-11, 16-17

Saturday 10-12

Sunday 11-12


How to get here:
Frescati Campus, where the main area of Stockholm University is situated.

  • Subway: Universitetet.
  • Roslagsbanan: Universitetet.
  • Bus: Buses 40, 70, 540, 608 and 670.
  • Car: Right side of Roslagsvägen north of Roslagstull.

Library staff

The branch libraries