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Borrow from the Collections

The University Library has several different types of collections of materials which you can access in different ways. Your first step as a borrower is to browse in our online catalogue to see what we have.


Printed material

Open shelves

As a borrower, you have direct access to the main library's book collections which are placed on open shelves. Books located on the Entrance floor, Upper level and in the Textbook Collection are on open shelves. The location is shown when you search the catalogue. The book's subject and keyword are also shown. You go and collect the book from the shelf yourself. The library is not able to set aside books for borrowers if they are located in the open collections.

Books on the open shelves may have different loan periods and some are not available for home lending. This is indicated in the catalogue when you search for the book or in the book's inside cover.


The main library also has a large amount of material in closed stacks and these items have to be requested in advance. If the book you want to borrow is in a stack, you will see an 'Order' link to the right of the title.

More information can be found on the page about stack requests.

Loan period

What you can borrow from the main library collections depends on whether you are connected with Stockholm University or not. There may also be different loan conditions, according to whether you are staff or a student.

Our catalogue contains information about who can borrow each title and you can find this under the More info link. The link appears when you search in the catalogue and click on a title in which you are interested.

Electronic material

The library has several different types of electronic material, such as e-books, e-journals, databases, and video clips. All of this material is searchable through our website and catalogue. The catalogue is freely available for searching, although access may be limited.

Students and staff of Stockholm University have free access to electronic resources, both in the library and from home, but must have an active university card.

If you are not connected to Stockholm University, you can access the e-resources in the library either by borrowing our computers or bringing your own. Login information is available at the information desk.





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