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The Textbook Collection

Mandatory literature for courses is available for loan in the Textbook Collection in the Main Library. Several of our branch libraries provide textbooks for their respective subjects.

Textbooks as e-books
If the literature is available as an e-book from our suppliers and if it meets our accessibility requirements, we purchase the e- version and not the printed. E-books are searchable in our catalogue. Read more about our media policy. Learn more about accessing e-books.

Who can borrow textbooks?
You can borrow textbooks if you are a student, teacher or researcher at Stockholm University.

How long can I keep the textbooks?
The loan period is seven days. You can renew your loans yourself by logging into My Pages. The late fee for textbooks is 10 SEK per day and book. If you do not return the book or renew the loan within 45 days, the Library will send you an invoice for SEK 900 per book, of which SEK 600 is cost of purchase and SEK 300 is administration cost. If you return the book after invoicing you still need to pay an administration cost of SEK 150 per book, and any late fee. Unpaid invoices go to debt collection.

Missing a book?
The library purchases a small number of copies of textbooks for the programs and courses that are current. If you, as a student, lack a title, you can make a purchase suggestion.

Course lists and ordering textbooks
The University departments and their coordinators are responsible for informing the library about the current textbooks before each new term. Course lists are to be sent to kurslitt@sub.su.seThe lists should clearly show the titles that are new for the term for faster procurement management. The library has no possibility to actively monitor out of print titles that are in the course listings. If a title becomes available we purchase it after we learned of this.

Digital material associated with the book?
Some textbooks and study materials have an activation code that provides access to digital content from the publisher's website. Unfortunately, for administrative reasons the library does not provide

The Textbook Collection at the Main LibraryThe Textbook Collection at the Main Library.


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