As a teacher employed at Stockholm University Library you can commission library courses for your students or graduate students. The various courses we offer are described here.

Photo Eva Dalin
Photo Eva Dalin

The goal of our courses is to aid Stockholm University's students, teachers and researchers in developing their skills in searching, critical examination and creative use of scientific information. These skills are usually labelled "information literacy". The Swedish Law of Higher Education (Chapter 1, § 9) states that: "Within the educational field concerned, the students, in addition to knowledge and skills, shall develop the ability to seek and evaluate knowledge on a scientific level follow the development of knowledge"

The Bologna Process has this competency defined as one of general knowledge, i.e. a generic/transferable skill.

Course Rates and Practical Information

Our course rate is SEK 1060 per classroom hour (45 minutes). The Basic Information Retrieval Course, a tutorial on our website, is free. Library introductions cost SEK 530. For external customers (outside the University) VAT will be added. Not cancelled orders will be charged. For us to be able to meet your demands on time, we ask you to submit autumn term orders by June 15th and the spring term orders by December 15th.

We offer courses for small groups (maximum 15 students per group) where attendees train searching under supervision, as well as lectures for large student groups. We recommend that tutored courses are 2-3 hours long, depending on content. Examples of course content are different search methods, source management, and relevant subject databases.

Courses we offer

Basic Information Retrieval 

Suitable for new students. Web based self-study course. Reference assessment, search methods for the Library Catalogue Substansen and LIBRIS, and an introduction to scientific information. In Swedish only.

Subject Specific Information Retrieval

For students writing papers. Subject specific information retrieval methods, reference management, and deeper studies of scientific information.

Information Retrieval for Researchers

Subject specific information retrieval methods, scientific information and communication, and reference management

Reference Management

We offer courses to learn the two reference management applications RefWorks and EndNote Web.

MS Word Template for Researchers

We offer tutoring for Researchers who need to master the use of the MS Word Template, a part of the University's visual identity. 

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