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Advanced Information Searching

The Courses in Advanced Information Searching enable the students possibilities to independently and effectively plan and carry out Information Searching. The content of the advanced information searching course is described below.

Photo Eva Dalin
Photo Eva Dalin.

Target group

Students writing dissertations or engaged in other independent work. In order to benefit from the course, students should have mastered the content of the basic information searching course.


Students are expected to learn

  • How to independently plan, implement and document an information collection in their subject areas.
  • How scientific information is organised, and be able to evaluate this.


Students will learn available techniques for making effective and well-formulated searches. Different search tools that are relevant to the subject are discussed, as well as the importance of documenting searches. We also address scientific information management and different aspects of this, such as critical examination of sources and how scientific information is structured.

The course is offered for small groups in a computer room (max. 15 students per group) with the opportunity to search under supervision. The course can also be provided as a lecture, but in this case there is no opportunity for participants to do their own searching.

The recommended duration is 2x45 minutes. The Library takes a fee of SEK 1,060 per 45 min. Non-cancelled orders will be charged.

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