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Learn how to search among 42,000 movies


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

The library has until December 31 access to the database Academic Video Online, with 42,000 videos available in both the humanities as social and natural sciences. To facilitate the use of the database the publishing company provides a webinar for anyone interested.

The course will take place online via Webex on two occasions, February 26 at 10 am and March 3 at 3 pm. During the webinar, you'll learn about both the database tools and content, and ask questions.

To register, please email rzillig@astreetpress.com

For more info: Word file

Ralph Erskine Century
An example of movies that you can find in the database is this about Frescati Library architect Ralph Erskine

Test period of The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Samhällsvetenskap Juridik

Until 22/2, you have the opportunity to test a new database with a focus on strategic management.

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management is a reference work for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners who want to understand the main ideas and issues in strategic management. The database is based on the well-known reference work, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and consists of more than 700 signed articles.

The database provides a comprehensive overview of the field: its history, schools, programs and biographies of key employees. It addresses both theoretical and more empirically oriented aspects of strategic management.

The encyclopaedia is updated monthly online and new content adds to the collection regularly. Updates are available via Palgrave Connect.

Please send your comments to media@sub.su.se

More e-books in the humanities and social sciences on Palgrave Connect


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora Samhällsvetenskap

Now there are more e-books in the humanities and social sciences available on the platform Palgrave Connect. The newest books, which are included in the collections 2014-2015 in all subjects on the platform, are available throughout 2015.

There are about 3700 titles that are marked with yellow "trial" inside the platform. Since previously there is also books in several different subjects released during the past 20 years. They are marked with green "full." In total, Stockholm University can access approximately 9000 books that can be read on the platform and downloaded in PDF format and in many cases even in ePub format. You will also find the books by searching our catalog.

Link to Palgrace Connect 
Link to Palgrave Connect for login from home.

Welcome to the library introduction on January 20


Category : Nyheter Aktuella kurser E-resurser

Spend one hour and save a hundred – come to our library introduction for new students on Tuesday January 20, at 12.00.

Learn how find, order and borrow literature and to use the other services the library can offer.

The introduction is held on the stage, to the right from the entrance. It takes about 55 minutes, (including a tour around the library), and it can be combined with the guided tour around campus starting 11.00 or 13.00.

No registration is needed.

Why should you attend this introduction? Because it covers so much more than just finding and borrowing a book, i.e.
- Book group study rooms
- Printing and copying
- Find an article in one of our 45 600 e-journals
- How to access 345 databases containing text, images, video, old newspapers, theater scripts…
But it does cover printed books too. We have 2 500 000 books. Our best tricks for finding the right one will be useful.

Introductions in Swedish are held on Thursday January 22, at 12.00 and 14.00.

Over 8000 e-books from CRC Press available for Stockholm University


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

CRC Press, part of the publishers Taylor & Francis, offer e-books within the fields of science, engineering and medicine. Stockholm University Library now offers access to most of the CRC Press e-books.

E-books are available on the platform CRCnetBASEhttp://www.crcnetbase.com/

There are a total of over 8000 e-books. From November and throughout 2015, we have access to all CRC Press e-books, except technology and medical titlesNew titles published within our subject package in 2015 willautomatically also be available.

On the platform CRCnetBASE you can see all disciplinessearch for booksread and download them (by chapter) in PDF formatYou can also find their books by searching our catalogue.

Login link from home: https://ezp.sub.su.se/login?url=http://www.crcnetbase.com

The agreement is a so-called EBS agreementEvidence Based Selection (EBS)also known as Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) and Stockholm University Library is the first in Sweden to test such an agreement with Taylor &FrancisWe have access to a variety of e-books from over a specified periodfor which the library pays a certain sum. After the period expires the ebooks you want to keep. The selection can be based on usage, but need not be. The number of books you can choose corresponds to the amount you have paid in advance.

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