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Library Introduction - Everything You Need to Know


Category : Nyheter

On August 28th there will be a introduction to the library for new students.

know your library

Find textbooks and study places, learn to search through databases and meet librarians who can help you with almost anything.


12:00 Introduction and Guided Tour
13:00 Introduction and Guided Tour

Water leakage in the large reading room


Category : Nyheter

The library has unfortunately been hit by a water leak due to the intensive rainfall this morning.

The large reading room-Bergdahlrummet-is closed and is being cleaned up. Also on the 5th floor there has been water damages and some shelves have been covered with plastic. Hopefully the damages are not too severe.

We will keep this website updated as soon as we have more information.

French books and Journals-test extended access to 30/7


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Open Access Humaniora Samhällsvetenskap

Right now we have a test period for the French portal Open Edition. The test will run until July 30.

Open EditionOpen Edition Portal Open Edition consists of four platforms:

Journals (most in French).
Books (Mostly French, but also English, Italian and Spanish).
Conference Calendar.
Blog portal for 854 research blogs.

Open Edition (Information in English) is an initiative for Open Access publishing in the social sciences and humanities, with the French organization Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (or Le Centre pour l'édition électronique ouverte (http://cleo.openedition.org/ ) behind it.

Most of the journals and e-books from Open Edition is open access, but only in html format. OpenEditon applies a business model where the main product is free and freely available, but a fee provides access to premium services. (Compare with Spotify)

During the test period, you get access to the payment service, that is, the ability to download articles and a selection of books in PDF and ePub format without technical copy protection (DRM). This also applies to mobile reading tools such as smartphones and tablets.

You have test access to 120 e-journals and a selection of 64 e-books in the "Open Edition Freemium" model. Please note that the test regards the format and that access does not cease completely 30/7.

Here is a list of the book titles included in the test. (PDF) 

And here are the journals included.

Practical Law. Test the British database to June 5


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Juridik

Practical Law provides relevant information and help on UK legislation and enforcement.

Practical Law is a database that is primarily aimed at practicing lawyers and commercial enterprises. Besides search function and links, Practical Law provides various service functions, for example a query service. The service is focused on business law.

British law may be perceived as difficult for Swedish lawyers, so consider starting your use of this comprehensive resource with a look at the Search Advisor. In addition to practical tips, this makes it clear what type of material you can limit your search to.

Please leave feedback and comments on the Practical Law to: Barbro.Lodin@sub.su.se

Practical Law

History of Saints in Latin until June 15


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora

Test the digital version of Acta Sanctorum, the monumental work on the Saints and Martyrs of the Greek- and Roman-Catholic church communities.

In 68 volumes published from 1643 to 1940 by the Belgian Bollandists, you can here apply your knowledge in Latin and read about the life, work and martyrdom of the saints .
Acta Sanctorum Database is an electronic version of the entire printed Acta Sanctorum available in the library's regular collection.
Acta Sanctorum (1)

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