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MediaSearch - Database Test Period


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora

Until 1/10, you have the opportunity to test a new database from Newton Media.

MediaSearch is a media archive with material from the year 1996 and forward.

It contains material from more than 900 Czekh resources such as nationwide and regional journals, newspapers, news summaries from hundreds of webpages and also transcriptions from recorded radio and television shows.

Except the Czekh media the database also covers the Slovak and Polish news resources.

Click here to access MediaSearch. You need a password to access the database. Contact our customer service for access.

Please send your comments to media@sub.su.se

Workshop Session: Integrity Database from Thomson Reuters


Category : Nyheter Konferenser och evenemang

Integrity contains biological and pharmacological information. On Wednesday September 9th you have the opportunity to attend a free workshop to test the resource.

Sign up here. Space is limited.

When: Wednesday, 9 September 2015. 9 AM – 12 AM

Where: Frescati Library (Main Library) Drivhuset

  • Demonstrate commercial awareness/viability in your research to secure funding.
  • Rapidly identify publications that are meaningful and will validate therapeutic developments.
  • Be aware of all intellectual property developments as you publish.
  • Stay up to date with the current landscape, including targets, MOA, assays, pharmacological and pharmacokinetic outcomes, biomarkers of disease, and clinical studies and be alerted when anything changes.
  • Identify potential companies who would be interested in your work… could they help deliver funding or provide additional resources?
  • Export detailed information including chemical structures, for reporting and further analysis to fit in with your workflow.

Read more about Integrity – Database test period from Thomson Reuters

Questions? Send your comments to media@sub.su.se

Sustainable Organization Library – Database Test Period


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Naturvetenskap Samhällsvetenskap

Until October 31st, you have the opportunity to test a new database including topics such as sustainability, ethics and diversity.

The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) is an online database of more than 10,000 journal articles, chapters, case studies, cutting edge reports and research papers drawn from nearly 800 books. It features individually searchable and downloadable articles.

Access SOL here 

For remote access, use this link

The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) covers key areas including:

  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurism and Social Enterprise
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Reporting and Standards
  • Poverty
  • Gender and Diversity
  • Responsible Investment and Finance

SOL draws from Greenleaf Publishing and select partner organizations including Oxfam, the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the UN Global Compact, International Labour Organization, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and Dō Sustainability.

Please send your comments on the collection to media@sub.su.se.

Springer Protocols – Database Test Period


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Naturvetenskap

Until 30/9, you have the opportunity to test a new database from Springer Protocols.

Springer Protocols contain information in following subjects:

Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Imaging/Radiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Plant Sciences and Protein Science.

Access Springer Protocols here.

Please send your comments to media@sub.su.se.

Watch a video from the english library introduction for new students


Category : Nyheter

Did you miss the library introduction at the main library today? Do not worry!

Watch the introduction to the main library services here. The video is 30 minutes long. If you have problems with the video, try here.

You can also visit our next library introduction on Thursday September 3rd at 12 PM. For more information about the library introduction and guided tours, click here.




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