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Brepolis test period, databases on the Middle Ages


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora

You now have the opportunity to test three databases from Brepolis. Test period until November 6th.

Brepolis is the home of all online projects of Brepols Publishers and its partners. In this test period, you gain access to three databases:

  • The Lexikon des Mittelalters
  • The International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages
  • Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources

The databases are useful in linguistics, history and other research on the Middle Ages.

You access the Brepolis login page here - click “Enter databases” to reach both these three databases, and others we have access to.

Remote access to Brepolis


The Lexikon des Mittelalters online (LexMA) contains articles that cover all aspects of medieval studies within the period 300 to 1500. Its geographical scope covers the whole of Europe, part of the Middle East, and parts of North Africa to document the roots of Western culture and those of its neighbours in the Byzantine, Arab and Jewish worlds. It has an integral translation tool, and links to cumulative bibliographies, the International Medieval Bibliography and the Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale.

The International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages-Online (IEMA), is a supplement to the Lexikon des Mittelalters (LexMA) and covers the same period and geographical scope. It is being produced under the joint auspices of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Brepols Publishers.

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DMLBS) focuses on latin texts written in Great Britain. It covers the period stretching from Gildas (fl. 540) to William Camden (1600) and is based on the close reading of thousands of Medieval Latin texts. The digitised version of the DMLBS allows searching by headwords, by Latin word-forms, non-Latin word-forms, references and the full text, criteria that can be combined in a single search. The online launch of the DMLBS on the Brepolis platform is the result of a collaboration between the British Academy and Brepols Publishers.

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Database Testperiod - Morgan & Claypool: Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering And Computer Science


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

Until 30/11, you have the opportunity to test a new database from Morgan & Claypool.

Morgan & Claypool is an independent publisher of digital-first scholarly eBooks ('Lectures') for the Engineering, Computer Science, Life Science, and Physics research communities.

Each eBook Lecture is an overview of an important research or development topic, authored by an expert contributor to the field.

The basic component of the library is a 50- to 100-page "Lecture"; a self-contained electronic book that synthesizes an important research or development topic, authored by an expert contributor to the field. Morgan & Claypool believe that they offer unique value to the reader by providing more analysis and depth than the typical research journal article. They also think that they are more dynamic and convenient than traditional print or digital handbooks, contributed volumes, and monographs.

The database is an information service for the research, development, and educational communities in engineering and computer science. It combines authoritative content with digital delivery to create a product that is substantially more useful than traditional print or digital publications.

Examples of research areas: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery and Human Language Technologies.

Access the database here.

Find the database in Libris here.

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Korean Database Trial Period: DBpia


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

We currently have a trial period on the Korean database DBpia, with almost 2,000 full text e-journals and 17,000 e-books from Korea Academic Journal Online Service. The database is aimed at anyone who is studying Korea. 

It is not in the current situation clear how long the trial will last, but at least September out.

Find the database in Libris here.

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Cambridge Platforms Unavailable on Saturday


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

Due to database upgrades, the Cambridge platforms listed below will be unavailable for up to 17 hours from 2:30 AM on Saturday 19 September.

The following platforms will be unavailable:

  • Cambridge Journals Online (CJO)
  • Cambridge Books Online (CBO)
  • University Publishing Online (UPO)
  • Cambridge Companions Online (CCO)
  • Cambridge Histories Online (CHO)
  • Shakespeare Survey Online (SSO)
  • Africa Bibliography
  • Microscopy Today
  • Financial History Review Bibliography
  • Materials360Online
  • Stahl Online
  • Cambridge Law Reports (CLR)
  • The Dictionary of Irish Biography (DIB) 
  • The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online Historical Statistics of the United States (HSUS)

zbMATH Database Trial Period


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Naturvetenskap

Until November 12 you have access to Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH), the world’s most comprehensive and longest-running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics.

The database features complete coverage of mathematical publications from
1868 to the present, about 3.5 million records from more than 3,500 current
journals and serials, and more than 170,000 books. It also includes citation analysis based on more than 9 million references.

Access the database here.

Find the database in Libris here.

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