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Some Inaccessible Titles in Ebrary


Category : Nyheter E-resurser

The library has for some time had access to a large number of titles on the ebrary platform where the used titles were purchased. Now, the test has ended and we no longer have access to the titles which were not used.
Unfortunatle these titles are still seen in the library catalog and it will take a couple of weeks before the update is coming through.

If you see an inaccessible title from ebrary that you would like, feel free to contact us and we will arrange new access to it.
You do so easily by clicking the link purchase suggestions and sign in using the university login.

What happens in the Library in week 12?


New chairs in Bergdahl-room and group rooms

We are now installing the proper chairs in Bergdahl-room and in the newly renovated group rooms. The temporary chairs, which have been used in recent weeks, will be removed.

Temporary reading lamps
Temporary reading lamps have been installed in Bergdahl-room in anticipation of the new reading lamps.

New technologies in the group rooms
Screens and smart boards installed in the renovated group rooms. They are not yet connected. Information will come when they are ready for use.

Register your publications in DiVA before March 18!


Publications with year of publication 2013 must be registered in DiVA before 18th of March 2014 to be counted in the bibliometric analyses according to the Norwegian model and the follow-up of the 2013 operational plan. 

The library regularly imports data from Web of Science with the publication types Article in journal and Article, review to DiVA, and will continue doing so for articles published 2013 until 18th of March. Everything not included in Web of Science must be registered in DiVA by the departments. When registering a publication in DiVA you should first control that the publication is not already registered, to avoid duplicates in the database.

Contact: diva@sub.su.se or telephone 08-16 14 50.

Test of SAGE Research Methods Cases


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Samhällsvetenskap

Until May 1, 2014,  you can test SAGE Research Methods Cases - 226 methodological case studies in social science.

In SAGE Research Methods Cases you find real case studies, presented to show how researchers solve abstract problems and apply methodological concepts, which may be of interest to researchers and students.

These disciplines are represented : Sociology (152) Education (81) Psychology (68) Anthropology (49) Health (49) Social Policy (44) Social Work (44) Political Science (35) Media and Communication (28) Criminology (19) Nursing (19) Geography (18) Professional Studies (18) History (15) Business (13) Economics (6) Marketing (6)

You reach the case studies included in the test via the SAGE Research Methods Online to which we have previous access. Take the opportunity to get familiar with this help for choosing method for your work.

Here is more information about SAGE Research Methods Cases


378 new journals from Inderscience


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Naturvetenskap Samhällsvetenskap

Now you can access hundreds of new journals in fields such life sciences, computer science, business administration, environmental science and technology.

Inderscience Publishers is an academic publisher that publishes scientific journals in the fields of law, engineering, management and business administration, as well as energy, environment and sustainable development.

Now is all over the publisher's magazine collection available. The magazines are in most cases available from start year and the number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

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