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The University's contracted suppliers of books


Stockholm University has since July 1, 2014 new contracted providers for printed books and occasional e-books.

Read more about Stockholm University local agreement for book purchases with suppliers.

Library Introduction - Everything You Need to Know


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On August 28th there will be a introduction to the library for new students.

know your library

Find textbooks and study places, learn to search through databases and meet librarians who can help you with almost anything.


12:00 Introduction and Guided Tour
13:00 Introduction and Guided Tour

34th EASL Conference 3-5 september


EASL, European Association of Sinological Librarians, holds their 34st Conference on September 3-5, 2014.

The conference is hosted by the Asia Library at Stockholm University Library:
Wednesday 3 September
Thursday 4 September
Friday 5 September
Reference Room, Asia Library, 1st floor

For more information, please see the EASL website.

Water leakage in the large reading room


Category : Nyheter

The library has unfortunately been hit by a water leak due to the intensive rainfall this morning.

The large reading room-Bergdahlrummet-is closed and is being cleaned up. Also on the 5th floor there has been water damages and some shelves have been covered with plastic. Hopefully the damages are not too severe.

We will keep this website updated as soon as we have more information.

Relocation of collections during summer


During summer collections are moved back to the newly renovated premises.

Journals, folios and dictionaries on the entrance floor (floor 4)
The journals now have their permanent placement on the entrance floor. The folios are also placed on the entrance floor. These relocations are completed during the first week of July.
Dictionaries are placed in the area behind the information desk.

Year Suites and other collections on the upper floor (floor 5)
The Year Suites, the Adam Helms Collection and Social anthropology & Folklore (M) are temporarily placed on the upper floor for the rest of this year.

Reference literature and fiction in the closed stocks
In August, the reference literature will be moved from the the closed stocks. In the beginning of 2015 the fiction will follow.

The digital map gives you updated information. A digital map is also placed near the information desk.

Have a nice summer!

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