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New Chinese and Japanese databases in AsiaPortal


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Naturvetenskap Samhällsvetenskap

China Academic Journals (CAJ)
CAJ 1 (elektronisk teknologi och informationsvetenskap)
National Population Census of China  
National Bureau of Statistics
Fudan university Dataverse network

Relocation of books and journals


The renovation of the library is drawing to an end, and now books and journals are moved to their permanent locations.

Starting December 8, shelves are moved, and after that the Yearly Suites and some smaller collections on the upper floor are relocated.

Textbooks and journals and on the entrance floor are also relocated – law journals will be placed alphabetically among the other journals.

In January, fiction will be moved to the upper floor. During the renovation it has been stored in the closed stacks.

This means that some books are not available for a short time. All journals will be available, but may be hard to find during the relocation period.

Thanks for your patience!

What's the deal with e-books?


Category : Nyheter Aktuella kurser E-resurser

Do you have 15 minutes to spare this Wednesday, November 26? Then you have the opportunity to learn more about how to find, borrow and make annotations in e-books. 

No registration is needed, just come to the library at three o’clock. Bring your own tablet or smartphone, if you have one.

Coffee is served. Welcome!

The Digital Loeb Classical Library - Test until 17/12


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora

The well-known publishing company that since 1911 has published Latin and Greek classics with parallel translation has now been digitized.

Loeb 2“The Loeb Library, with its Greek or Latin on one side of the page and its English on the other, came as a gift of freedom…"

—Virginia Woolf, The Times Literary Supplement, 1917
James Loeb's publishing company has made it their mission to make the classic Latin and Greek literature accessible to a wider public. More than hundred years of publishing has resulted in 521 volumes with the original text in Latin or Classical Greek on the left page and an English translation on the right page.

The Digital Loeb Classical Library - The digital version of this publication - makes everything available online. You can search for individual works or authors, or browse a list. Digitization also allows you to search in both the original text and the English translation. (Beneath the text - see picture.) Loeb 1 (1)

You can only print two pages at a time and download is not permitted at all.

Picture database ARTstor Digital Library - test.


Category : E-resurser Humaniora Naturvetenskap Samhällsvetenskap

1.8 million digital images from museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives and artists, relevant to history, archeology, education, philosophy, literature and more. Until 15/12.

ARTstor Digital Library is a non-profit initiative that is used for teaching and learning in a variety of disciplines across the world and provides access to images and metadata for non-commercial purposes. High resolution images are available with tools to search, browse, zoom, print, download and share images.
Drakar ARTstor

 What can you do in the ARTstor Digital Library?
Keyword search
Advanced search
Browse by collection, classification, or geography
Sort search results by date, creator, or title
Narrow search results by geography, date range or classification
View images and image data
Zoom in on and pan images
Print and save images and related data to other hardware
Organize images into groups
Upload and manage personal images and sound files in Artstor
Save and share images, image details, and image groups
Batch download images
Download images to PowerPoint, KeyNote, and more.

For more information:

System requirements
Instructional videos
Guides for teaching
How Artstor is used in scholarship

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