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New furniture in the Library


In connection with the renovation the library will get new furniture. The first delivery is coming soon.

First up is the furniture (chairs, tables and lamps) to Bergdahlsrummet and group rooms on the upper level. The furniture is delivered to the library in seven sets, starting on Friday February 28.

As soon as the furniture arrives, they are placed out for assemblage to be done on site and presentation in accordance with drawings. For a few days, these rooms be closed off to visitors.

Deliveries will continue throughout the year, so afterwards, all the empty spaces to get new furniture.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to the new environments to thrive in!

Ralph Erskine 100 Years


24 February 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of architect Ralph Erskine’s birth. 

Erskine left his mark on the development of the Frescati campus. In addition to the University Library, which was completed in 1983, Erskine designed Allhuset (1980), Juristernas hus (1991), and Aula Magna (1997).

Read more about Erskine and his works and an interview with the architects behind the ongoing reconstruction of the University Library.

Register your publications in DiVA before March 18.


Publications with year of publication 2013 must be registered in DiVA before 18th of March 2014 to be counted in the bibliometric analyses according to the Norwegian model and the follow-up of the 2013 operational plan. 

The library regularly imports data from Web of Science with the publication types Article in journal and Article, review to DiVA, and will continue doing so for articles published 2013 until 18th of March. Everything not included in Web of Science must be registered in DiVA by the departments. When registering a publication in DiVA you should first control that the publication is not already registered, to avoid duplicates in the database.

Contact: diva@sub.su.se or telephone 08-16 14 50

Inspection of sprinklers in the Library


Inspection of sprinklers in the library foyer outside the library's entrance started this week. It implies aerial platforms and craftsmen in the area.

Other activities during the week:
Facade work and fitting of windows on the northern and western facade
Demolition work on level 5
Making openings for doorways by the staff entrance on level 4

Stockholm University Library joins Knowledge Unlatched Pilot


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora Samhällsvetenskap

In order to increase publications being distributed the Stockholm university library has joined the global open access project Knowledge Unlatched Pilot.

Knowledge Unlatched Pilot’s target is to make open access of scientific e-literature easier on a global scale through co-operation between university libraries. Stockholm University Library has therefore joined other libraries in the project that will start by introducing 28 book titles from thirteen publishers. These first titles have been choosen in order to reflect the broad range of publishing in humanities and social sciences.

– As we see it it is important to support open access projects in the monographs area. The open access discussion concerning articles have come a long way but concerning monographs it has been falling behind and therefore we welcome a project aiming a increased circulation says Chief librarian Wilhelm Widmark.

Authors of books will be compensated upon publication with a compensation that has been agreed in advance for releasing material to a Creative Commons-licence. The aim of the pilot project is to create a sustainable business model for open access and increasing the spread of among other monographs.

A condition for the implementation is that a minimum of 200 libraries world wide join the project. The Stockholm University Library is one of two libraries in Sweden to have joined and is keen on seeing more Swedish libraries joining them to reach the requested number of members in the pilot project.

Knowledge Unlatched Pilot’s web site



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