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The libraries are closed on February 18th – welcome to our open day on February 19th


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The Frescati Library and most of the other library units are closed on Wednesday February 18th. Welcome to our open day on Thursday February 19th!

The renovation of the library is now complete, which we are celebrating with an open day on Thursday February 19th. During the day we will be offering guided tours, a quiz, profile products at discounted prices, candy and a general atmosphere of festivity.

The guided tours start at 10, 12, 14 and 16. The focus is on architecure and art in the new public parts of the library.

On Wednesday February 18th the Frescati Library is closed all day due to an official inauguration after the renovation. All of the staff will be at the inauguration. Most of the other library units are therefore also closed on Wednesday February 18th.

The Geolibrary and the Department of Social Work Library will however be open between 9 and 12 am.

New name for the Main Library


Category : Nyheter

As of 1 February 2015, Stockholm University Library's main building in Frescati has changed name to Frescati Library.

The name replaces the old name "Main Library". At the same time, the library’s smaller localized libraries, formerly called "branches", have changed name and are now called units. The reason for the name change is the need for a new name for a uniform approach where the activities of the library have the same orientation regardless of location.

The designation Main Library will be replaced gradually in all places where it occurs: on the web, in print, in the library catalogue, in the library's circulation system, SUKAT and SU's app.

The name Frescati Library was selected by library staff and approved by the library management, library board and the principal. The name is linked to the campus and has so far been well received by the library visitors.

New system for booking a study room


Category : Nyheter

Group study rooms at the university library and Studenthuset will be booked in a new booking system from February 19.

The system is called Timeedit. As before you can reach it from ”My Pages”. It is possible to book in the old system until 18 February.

Introduction to reference management


Now you can register for the spring introductions to reference management software such as RefWorks and Zotero.

For those who want more information on dates and registration see the course description Introduction to referencing.

Test period of The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Samhällsvetenskap Juridik

Until 22/2, you have the opportunity to test a new database with a focus on strategic management.

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management is a reference work for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners who want to understand the main ideas and issues in strategic management. The database is based on the well-known reference work, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and consists of more than 700 signed articles.

The database provides a comprehensive overview of the field: its history, schools, programs and biographies of key employees. It addresses both theoretical and more empirically oriented aspects of strategic management.

The encyclopaedia is updated monthly online and new content adds to the collection regularly. Updates are available via Palgrave Connect.

Please send your comments to media@sub.su.se

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