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History of Saints in Latin until June 15


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora

Test the digital version of Acta Sanctorum, the monumental work on the Saints and Martyrs of the Greek- and Roman-Catholic church communities.

In 68 volumes published from 1643 to 1940 by the Belgian Bollandists, you can here apply your knowledge in Latin and read about the life, work and martyrdom of the saints .
Acta Sanctorum Database is an electronic version of the entire printed Acta Sanctorum available in the library's regular collection.
Acta Sanctorum (1)

Order from Closed Stacks during the Holidays


Category : Nyheter Humaniora Samhällsvetenskap

The days before the holidays, we pick up orders only in the morning.

The following day we pick up orders från the closed stacks only in the morning:

Wednesday, April 30

Friday, May 2

Friday, 30 May

This is due to changes in opening hours during the public holiday.

Relocation of journals


Category : Nyheter Humaniora Samhällsvetenskap Ombyggnationen

During this week journals in the area of humanities and social sciences, with placement M to Z, will be moved to the main floor. This means that some journals are not available for a short time.

This is part of the upcoming preparations for the third and final phase of the renovation.

Thanks for your patience!

Cambridge Histories Online


Category : Nyheter E-resurser Humaniora Naturvetenskap Samhällsvetenskap

The first of Cambridge's series of history books were issued in the 60's. Now, the Stockholm University Library give E-access to more than 300 titles. 

Many of them are well-known classics (a title usually begins with "The Cambrige History of ...") and are already accessible in our collection of printed literature. Access to chapters as PDF-files, the ability to search the full text of the material and the possibilities of reference export, will now bring you a new dimension well suited for these historical anthologies in 15 overall academic subjects.
Now we've just got access to the CHO.
You can find it also Database list and through our search engine. Within two or three weeks, all of the titles will be searchable in our catalog.

300 + titles
196 000 pages
15 topics
search functionality
reference Management
Pdf format at chapter level.

Cambridge HO

The library offers access to Standards


Need expert standards in the form of ISO standard? Use E-nav from SIS (Swedish Standards Institute). 

E-nav is an online library of standards in various subject areas. The library is already giving you access to over 2500 standards. Use E-nav to search for the standard you need. If you lack access, you can suggest that we buy it.

Here you can search and receive full-text access to standards we purchased.
Here you can suggest that we buy a standard you need.

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