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According to a decision by the Vice-Chancellor, all publications by Stockholm University researchers and teachers shall be registered in DiVA from 2007 and onwards. The reporting shall include all publications related to the teachers’ and researchers’ employment at the university.
The Vice-Chancellor advocates Open Access , i.e. that authors publish their work in electronic full text for free Internet access.

According to a decision by the Vice-Chancellor, you are also obliged to post your dissertation electronically in DiVA.
The Vice-Chancellor’s Decision on Open Access (35 kB, In Swedish)

DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet), a publishing system developed by Uppsala University, is used for electronic registration, publishing, and archiving of dissertations and other work from from 33 universities and colleges of higher education. Students who wish to publish their papers in full text or who have questions about registration/publishing in DiVA must contact their department. All departments do not accept e-publishing of student papers.

Agreement for retroactive publishing in DiVA
Stockholm University Library has developed an agreement for those researchers from Stockholm University who would like to retroactively publish their disseration in DiVA. The agreement is non- exclusive ( i.e. the author does not lose the right to publish the work anywhere else ) , it only covers electronic publication and it is valid until further with an escape clause. If you want to publish your dissertation in DiVA, you sign the agreement electronically and send it to DiVA. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Agreement Form for publishing in DiVA (pdf, 347 kB)


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