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Silent Reading Places

The main library has is being renovated. During the spring semester, there are only 100 reading places in the library. All study areas are on the upper level, in the quite zone.

Our reading places consist mostly of tables and chairs, either in large rooms or in more secluded booths. There are also armchairs to sit and read in.

Reading places on the upper level do not need to be reserved, you can sit wherever you want. You can also work with laptops at these places. The wireless network is available throughout the building. Having conversations on mobile phones is prohibited in the library. Be sure not to disturb your fellow students.

There are some silent reading areas where it is prohibited to use computers, mobile phones or headphones. The largest of them is the Bergdahl room, a glassed in room on the ground floor. A small reading room is next to the copying room on the ground floor and another small room on the upper floor, room 514.

You can see where reading rooms and reading spaces are available on the library's Floor Plan.

Bergdahlrummet at the Main Library
The Bergdahl room at the Main Library. Photo Orasis foto/Mia Åkermark


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