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Storage of Study Material

During 2013-2015 the main Libray is being renovated. Unfortunately, we can not rent out lockers and trolleys during this periods, as we can not guarantee that they are available. No new leases or renews will be made during this period.

The Main Library has 280 lockers and trolleys where you as a student can store course literature. You rent the locker for a year at a time.

When you have obtained at least 40 credits in accordance with earlier examination standards or 60 credits according to the Bologna model in one subject or in a program, you may rent a locker or a trolley where you can store your course literature in the main library. You pay 400 SEK at the beginning of the one year rental period.

Rules for rental of locker or trolley at Stockholm University Library

You must be enrolled at Stockholm University and you must have an activated university card.

The key to your rented locker or trolley is lent to you as a library loan. If you are late returning the key you must pay a fine of 10 SEK/day. If you do not return the key, the Library will charge you 600 SEK plus 300 SEK in administration costs.

When you rent a locker or trolley you are responsible for the key and should the key be lost you are economically bound to pay the charges listed above.

It is forbidden to copy the key to your rented locker or trolley. You may not transfer your rented locker or trolley to any other person.

If the key is lost then you are responsible for informing the Library. When you rent a locker or trolley you may be requested to show the key or return the key.

You may not store library material that you have not checked out. Material from the Library's journal collection and reference collection may not be stored in your rented locker or trolley. The Library reserves the right to open rented lockers and trolley and random tests are carried out on a regular basis. If prohibited material is found in your rented locker or trolley you will lose the right to rent it under the remainder of the rental period.

The Library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings kept in your rented locker or trolley.

If you are already renting a locker or trolley, you may not queue up for another rental period. Your rental period can only be prolonged if there is nobody else in line.

The rental period for a locker or trolley is 1 year.

The Library charges a fee of 400 SEK för each key and each commenced rental period.

The Library reserves the right to amend all or part of the rental conditions during the rental period without prior notification.

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